Digital PR for Italian Market
We act on reputation and brand awareness by activating and stimulating online conversations.

This service is aimed at companies that want to enhance their brand thanks to campaigns to strengthen and know the same within the most famous and well-known Italian newspapers.Word of mouth is one of the oldest forms of communication that still makes the difference when we talk about web reputation or increase brand awareness.

Why is it important to activate Digital PR campaigns?

Here are some good reasons why we recommend activating a Digital PR campaign.

Improving Brand Awarenss

Increase of research related to your brand. Think of value that references (eg given by national journalistic headings ) will lead to your business.

Overcome competitors

Thanks to a planned Digital PR activity your brand will acquire value and trust.

Brand Protection

With the Digital PR campaigns increase in the eyes of Google and your customers or potential the value of your brand.

Digital PR activity: how it works

We will analyze with you your market and study the best strategy to enhance your strengths and your uniqueness.

Initial meeting and goal definition

Meeting and definition of objectives to be achieved. Initial analysis of the market.

Search for the best newspapers

Presentation of activities and publications where we will start the collaboration for the Digital PR activity.

Communication strategy

Study and strategy of cutting the communication we want to assign to this campaign.

Study of online competitors

Study of the competitors to check the last Digital PR activity carried out and take any ideas.

Reporting and results achieved

Reporting and results achieved with the Digital PR service.

The importance of Digital PR

The value of a brand is now perceived by how much online it is talked about, the conversation on the brand able to create curiosity, buzz or simple word of mouth is now essential and the Digital PR serve just that.

For an integrated communication strategy, it is essential for companies to immediately involve the best publications to convey their press releases and integrate offline communications with those online.

Digital PR have also become crucial in the context of the classic SEO, as it increases the importance given to the brand by these important newspapers creating an increase in the domain authority, with consequent increase in its popularity on the web (Link Popularity).

The experience of Fattoretto srl

Within Fattoretto srl now from 3 years there is a team dedicated to Digital PR and Link Building, engaged daily in the relationship with network partners and with the different journalists who work with us.

Quality sites on different themes, national newspapers and very strong newspapers in order to offer our customers the best.

The results we will bring will be right before your eyes, thanks also to the different collaborations that we have been using with our agency for years, all of the highest level.

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Digital Pr for Italian Market

If you are still wondering what the Digital PRs are for, we leave you here 5 good reasons to start a campaign with us:

  1. To increase brand awareness of the brand (notoriety)
  2. Increase (positively) the reputation of the brand
  3. Increase brand / product authority in the eyes of Google and your potential customers
  4. Attract new potential customers
  5. Know the sentiment / perception of your company on the web

It is essential to turn to specialists for your Digital PR campaigns, as these actions could prove useless if you do not think strategically well when analyzing your situation, and especially if carried out within portals with low authority in the eyes of Google .

The only Italian event on Digital PR

We are Co Founder of the Linkami Web Summit, the only Italian event on Digital PR, the second edition will take place in Milan on 14 June 2019.

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